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CPA, accounting and bookkeeping firms can benefit greatly from accepting credit cards as a form of payment. It is ironic that an industry known for helping clients to improve their cash flow, often suffers from the same problem. The laborious process of printing invoices, mailing and awaiting payment from clients has not gone away completely, but the task can be minimized through the implementation of a credit card processing system.

By promoting immediate payment, you will not only increase your cash flow, but you’ll also cut down on the tedious, frustrating and time consuming efforts associated with collecting from slow-payers and non-payers; not to mention the expense…

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Progressive Payment Solutions has worked with and helped many CPA, accounting and bookkeeping firms. We can scale our programs to your business size, while providing the most cost-effective solution. Whether you’re taking credit card information over the phone or accepting payment via your website, we have a solution for you. You’ll be impressed at how quickly and seamlessly we can configure your office with card-processing software or hardware, giving you the ability to accept all major credit cards.

We can also assist the firms’ clients to implement credit card processing or save them money on their existing credit card processing, which strengthens their cash flow while deepening your relationship with your clients.

"His expertise in credit card processing makes it a pleasure to do business with Progressive Payment Solutions. His responsiveness is at the highest levels and we can always count on him to provide us with excellent service."

—JR, New Jersey

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