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Cash Advance & Loan Programs
Progressive Payment Solutions

Progressive Payment Solutions offers Cash Advances on future credit card receipts through our industry partners. A Cash Advance is the purchase of future credit card receivables from a merchant at a discount for cash immediately. It is not a loan and has no fixed term or fixed repayment schedule. Our partners are leaders in the Cash Advance industry; offering fast and convenient funding. If you are currently accepting credit cards as a form of payment for your business; they allow you to obtain working capital for improvements on your business or simply to purchase inventory. Whether you want to expand or you need immediate cash to pay off debt, a cash advance can help secure the future of your business.

Cash Advances and Loans

If a fixed repayment schedule works best for your business, Progressive Payment Solutions can now offer a fixed rate loan program through our industry partners based on a percentage of your businesses total annual gross sales volume and daily bank deposits. Our Business Loan Program can help businesses like yours get the capital you need to help your company grow quickly and easily.

Merchant Cash Advance Program

The Merchant Cash Advance program is a financing solution which converts your future Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX receivables into immediate capital. Repayments are based on a percentage of your daily batches and are automatically applied to your remaining balance until the advance is satisfied.

The loan program is based on your businesses daily bank deposits and a fixed amount is taken out of your bank account every business day until the loan is satisfied. The remaining amount of your daily deposits are there for your cash flow.

Starter Advance Program

The Starter Advance Program is designed to help merchants obtain immediate funding early on in their business life cycle. Qualifications are relaxed, and merchants receive a smaller Merchant Cash Advance for a limited time period. As terms are met, the business earns improved underwriting status, allowing for additional credit offered at better terms.

Small Business Loan Program

Traditional Small Business Loans are not always the right fit. Banks usually require lengthy applications and documentation, stipulate how money can be spent, or deny applications based on strict FICO criteria or asset collateralization requirements. This flexible Small Business Loan Program is perfect for businesses that are looking for something more than a traditional loan. You can qualify for funding regardless of collateral, with minimal paperwork, in as little as 24 hours.

Line of Credit Program

The Line of Credit Program allows you to get approved for a larger amount but only incur cost on the funds you draw. This product is ideal for business owners who want fast and flexible access to different amounts of capital at different times or for different purposes.

SBA Bridge Loan Program

Merchants getting a loan from the SBA are often confronted with obstacles that require fast, short-term access to capital. Our SBA Bridge Loan Program helps you pay past due taxes, vendors and suppliers, or satisfy a judgment so that a lien can be released and the SBA loan process completed.

PCR Financing

Progressive Capital Resources (PCR) provides capital raising advisory services for companies of all sizes. We have a vast network of financing sources inclusive of banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms, family offices, private equity groups, angel funds, various types of asset based lenders and even high level pawn brokers. PCR acts as consultants in alternative finance as a bridge between businesses looking for capital and the appropriate financing sources. We assist companies looking for as little as $25,000 to companies seeking $100 million and more…

PCR offers a range of alternative financing solutions, including:

  • Senior and Junior Debt
  • Lines of Credit (LOC) is one of the most flexible financing options open to business owners. An LOC allows you access to a set amount of capital determined in advance. As you draw money from this amount for business expenses, you will then carry a credit balance, with interest. This balance may then be repaid in monthly installments, or in a lump sum, according to your preferences and circumstances. PCR offers competitive interest rates on all lines of credit, and always prioritizes financial flexibility to better meet your needs.
  • Bridge Financing is a loan taken out to cover a company’s solvency requirements while they secure longer-term financing. This is the solution to pursue when you’ve “run out of runway” financially, but predict you could achieve profitability if you remain solvent for a short while longer. A bridge financing loan is generally a last ditch effort to finance a company, and therefore will carry a higher interest rate.
  • Mezzanine Debtdebt is not generally secured by assets or otherwise backed by collateral. Rather, it is based on your ability to repay the loan on the basis of your cash flow and sales volume. Given the unsecured nature of mezzanine debt, a loan of this sort will carry a higher rate.
  • Asset Based Lending provides a loan tied to your balance sheet assets, such as accounts receivable and company inventory. If you become unable to make payments or otherwise violate the terms of your loan, your collateralized assets will become available to the lending party. This loan offers a much lower interest rate, in exchange for pledging your balance sheet assets as collateral.
  • Factoring
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing helps distributors get the cash you need to pay the manufacturers of your goods and products. Purchase order financing tends to be a short-term arrangement. You will generally pay off your loan after you’ve been paid by your own customers for the financed goods. Purchase order financing lets you quickly acquire the goods and products you need as a reseller or distributor.
  • Equipment Leasing lets you bypass the incredibly costly process of purchasing operational equipment upfront. An equipment lease offers a very low interest rate, as the equipment is already owned by the lender. Moreover, your rate will be fixed rather than floating, making this a very popular business loan. PCR offers leases on a wide range of equipment, to best meet your needs.
  • SBA Loans

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"I cannot say enough about Jonathan Kramer and the professionals at his firm. Jonathan took over our credit card processing and has saved us substantial dollars while providing an exceptional service. We are also pleased to say that he has helped many of our clients that we have referred him to."

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