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Cash Discounting:

Cash Discounting is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers that pay with a credit card, while giving a discount to those who pay with cash or check.

Your posted rates will now become the rate for those who pay with cash. Those customers who pay with cash avoid the service fee while all others will see a line item added to their receipt.

It is our state of the art technology that allows this to happen and keeps you within federal guidelines and regulations.


Let’s say you ring up your merchant for $10. You will enter $10 and process the transaction normally. The terminal will automatically add 3.9% to the customer’s receipt. Now, the receipt will have an extra line item. The items purchased that total $10. And another line item that says non-cash transaction $0.39. The total will be $10.39.

A few of our most common questions answered below…

Will my customers get upset and go somewhere else?

In a recent study done by Payment Journal, 99.2% of customers did not complain about the extra fee. If they did then they would still be able to pay with cash.

Additionally, it is less expensive to pay the small credit card fee of 3.9% rather than a flat ATM fee of $2 - $5.

Is the Cash Discount Program suitable for all businesses?

Yes, you can use cash discounting for any type of business! People assume that it is only for low ticket items. Our own findings show that cash discounting works with almost any profession. From b2b services to your local convenience store.

Why don’t I just implement the program myself?

When a fee is implemented incorrectly, you could be generating an addition profit on the credit card transaction. This would be considered surcharging and is federally non-compliant. You could be subject to a fee of over $250,000.

Is the Cash Discount program new?

Yes and No! For decades it has been allowed in Europe. Also in the USA, gas stations and many local governments like the DMV, Courts, Schools, and the IRS have been allowed to do this. Now everyone is allowed to do this and people are taking advantage! It will become more and more accepted by businesses and customers.

What if I am currently under contract and cannot switch?

The amount of savings with cash discounting is so tremendous that after only a month or two, you will be able to offset the costs of switching.

"Jonathan is a man of his word and will help anyone seeking a solution to a problem. He is a consummate professional."

—RP, New Jersey

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