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High Risk Credit Card Processing

Progressive Payment Solutions (PPS) understands that companies in every industry need to accept credit cards as a form of payment. That is why we have solutions available for nearly every type of legal business entity. We are able to provide merchant services for both domestic and international businesses.

A high risk merchant may have a business that provides a product or service that is ordered on any given day but not delivered until sometime in the distant future. Travel services are considered high risk by credit card companies for this reason. Another type of business that may be considered high risk is one where that business is legal in some respects and areas but not everywhere. Gambling is a good example of this high risk business type. Many mainstream businesses are considered high risk based on charge back exposure such as collections.

No matter what business type you need credit card processing for, PPS has a solution for most!

Please contact us today to find out if your business is considered high risk.

"The company represents the best in the business for credit card processing."

—HG, New Jersey

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