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Law firms and legal services firms, like other professional service businesses, often are disadvantaged by an outdated revenue paradigm. The process of mailing out invoices and awaiting payments unnecessarily exposes law firms to collection problems.

On-premise or online credit card payment is a much better solution. By insisting on immediate payment, you will get paid on-time, every time, while eliminating the expense, frustration and wasted time arising from deadbeats and slow payers.

Progressive Payment Solutions is very experienced working with law firms. We understand how to scale a payment solution to match the size of your business. If you operate as an online legal services firm, we can set your website up to accept all major credit cards. Brick-and-mortar offices can be quickly configured with card processing communications, hardware and software.

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Another benefit of working with Progressive Payment Solutions is the ease of integrating our card processing system with your accounting package. This facilitates your ability to manage your professional services firm, including time billing, unearned revenue and prepaid assets.

Count on Progressive Payment Solutions to provide the white-glove service your professional firm deserves.

"In a business that is a characterized by commodity pricing, Jonathan differentiates himself as a professional who delivers strong value-added benefits."

—GS, New Jersey

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