Progressive Payment Solutions

Garrett Kramer

Partner, Progressive Capital Resources

Garrett is a man full of surprises—in a good way.

As an advisor for companies who need to raise capital, Garrett is accustomed to seeing the uncertainty on a client’s face: they’re not sure what’s the best direction to take, where to turn, or what to expect.

That’s when Garrett likes to surprise them.

One of their first surprises is seeing how Garrett approaches each client with an unbiased, humble perspective. This allows him to truly understand what their individual needs are—uncommon in an era of automation, where it’s a struggle to speak with a real person, let alone getting treated like one yourself.

From there, Garrett turns the sceptic into a believer. By not just solving their problems, but doing so in a way that’s tailored to their needs, he exceeds their expectations as to what they thought possible for their business.

Garrett humbly acknowledges that his success is partly thanks to the countless lessons he’s learned from his father—lessons in both business and in life.
Lessons like how to treat people.
Learning how to build lasting relationships.
And the invaluable satisfaction of a job well done.

Thanks to these and other qualities, Garrett is able to do what he loves the most: deliver more than the client ever expected.

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