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Zero-Fee Processing:
The Easiest Way to Grow Your Bottom Line

Thousands of businesses already use Zero-Fee Processing to eliminate their credit card processing fees, increasing yearly revenue by an average of $20,112 per year.

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How Zero-Fee Processing Works

Credit card transactions aren’t free; there are always card association fees, interchange fees, etc. involved with each transaction.

But here’s the difference with Zero-Fee Processing: Instead of your business paying those fees, they get passed on to another party.

That means zero fees for your business, forever.

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By using Zero-Fee Processing, you’ll eliminate every single one of your processing fees, which can be up to 5% of every transaction. The average business who uses Zero-Fee Processing gets $1,686 per month added to their bottom line.

It works just like regular payment processing, but with one key difference: When it’s time for payment, the customer can either decide to pay with cash or check, or use their credit card and also pay the processing fees.

Whatever choice your customer makes, you’ll never pay processing fees again with Zero-Fee Processing.

Benefits of Zero-Fee Processing

The biggest benefit of Zero-Fee Processing: it works just like regular processing, but saves businesses an average of $1,686 per month. 

  • It takes less than 45 minutes to set up, from the time you reach out to us to the time you’re using it
  • There’s nothing you have to physically do–just talk with us and sign up, and we’ll send you a credit card terminal to your office that you plug in and start using
  • Customers are already used to paying these fees, so there’s no risk of losing business 
  • There are no special steps or training that needs to take place–it simply has the customer pay the processing fees, with everything else being the same.

With how easy and effective it is, it’s no wonder our Zero-Fee Processing program has grown 86% in the past five years.==99

Signing Up Is Simple and Easy

In the time it takes to get groceries, you can increase your bottom line by over $20,000 per year.

Here’s the three things you have to do:

Step 1: Chat with our Team

Talk with a Progressive Payment Solutions representative (around 20 minutes).

Step 2: Quick Paperwork

Fill out the paperwork we send you (around 20 minutes).

Step 3: Get Our Equipment

After approval, we’ll ship you a credit card terminal that’s preprogrammed and ready to use. You plug it in and start using it to accept credit card payments, minus the fees (around two minutes).

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See for yourself how much you’ll increase your revenue by using Zero-Fee Processing.

Monthly Credit Card Processing Volume
**Calculation based on monthly credit card processing multipled by 3.00%
$ 300 /mo.

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It’s no extra work for you at all. The equipment does everything for you!


Example: Your customer’s repair bill comes to $100.


If they pay in cash, it will be $100 total for your client, plus tax.


If they choose to pay with a credit card, your business enters $100 into your payment terminal. The PPS gateway automatically adds 3.99% to the transaction—this is the payment processing fee, which is being added to the client’s total.


Their receipt will show an extra line item below the invoice total of $100 that says non-cash charge (NCC) of $3.99. The total will be $103.99 for your client, plus tax.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express forbid any business from surcharging without taking the necessary steps to get approved — which is an exceedingly-difficult process for a business to implement on their own. 


Our Zero-Fee Processing program allows you to offer a discount for cash, which will be automated by our equipment to make sure it is done properly. Rather than illegally profiting off of a credit card transaction (which could happen if you end up charging a client more than you are charged by your processor to accept the transaction), the program lets you rest easy knowing your payment system is fully on the side of the law.

At this point in the transaction, the overwhelming majority of customers are already committed to the purchase. Of those few who do complain, they always have the option to pay by cash or check. This system is becoming more standard as the cost of accepting credit cards continues to go up, so many customers have already become accustomed to it. You have likely already seen it in other businesses such as restaurants and gas stations.

The amount you will save by using Zero-Fee Processing usually covers any cancellation fee in just one month. So you’re actually missing out on savings by not using the Zero-Fee Processing, even if you’re still under contract.

Depending on the size of your business, your Zero-Fee Processing equipment may be free.

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