Progressive Payment Solutions

Zach Kramer

Vice President Of Marketing And Business Development

With his degree in finance, Zach could have gone any number of directions—which he did, at first.

But teaming up with prestigious names like Morgan Stanley didn’t satisfy him in the end.

This led him to accept the invitation from Jonathan to explore what PPS had to offer.
And the more his father showed him how PPS helps businesses achieve their goals, the more Zach liked what he saw.

The choice to become part of the PPS team was made even easier when he was invited to direct marketing and business development.

Zach jumped at this opportunity because of who he is… and who he is not.

He is not someone who just wants to stare at a computer all day, away from the action.

Rather, Zach is a people person:
He loves connecting with them on an individual level.
Truly understanding them.
Finding the right solution for them, not just offering something generic to get them on their way.

Thanks to his personal concern for clients, he’s able to see with his own eyes how he plays a part in helping a wide range of businesses move forward with PPS.

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