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PPS’ Cash Discount Program

Progressive Payment Solutions can help your business save more money from each credit card transaction with a simple, easy method.

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Credit card fees can equate up to a 5% loss from each transaction for your business, wreaking havoc on your bottom line.

Our Cash Discount Program automatically adjusts your customers total, offering them a discount depending on how your customers pay.

How the Cash Discount Program works:

We’ve refined our automatic system to make it as simple and effective as possible:

  • If your customer pays in cash, then the posted rate they see is the rate they pay.
  • If your customer pays with a credit card, then a small fee is added to their total.

Example: You are selling a product with a price tag of $100.

  • If they pay in cash, it would be $100 total for your customer. 
  • If they pay with a credit card, you will enter $100 and process the transaction normally. The PPS terminal or gateway will automatically add 3.99% to the transaction.
    The receipt will show an extra line item below the invoice total of $100 that says non-cash charge (NCC) of $3.99. The total will be $103.99 for your customer. 

With this federally-authorized system and technology, your business can finally eliminate any payment processing fees.

Discover the system that other businesses are already using to save money by reducing or eliminating payment processing fees


Set your business free from credit card payment fees

With our specialized technology and systems that are federally authorized, your business can eliminate up to 100% of your payment processing fees.

Complimentary Terminals and Point of Sale systems

Our state of the art equipment and systems are free of charge for qualifying businesses and come with the latest security features and payment forms.

Easily switch over to the only processor you’ll ever need

PPS is there for you at each step to help you switch over. And because we constantly adapt to changes and future-proofing our systems, you’ll always have the best way to process payments with us.

Instantly start saving

Our clients are amazed that they start saving money within the first month, even if they have to pay a cancellation fee from their previous processor. After seeing payment processing fees vanish, many of our customers’ only regret is that they didn’t start using the Cash Discount Program sooner.

Try our Cash Discount Program risk-free

Progressive Payment Solutions knows that once you start saving up to 5% on each credit card processing transaction, you’re not going to want to switch back. So we want you to try it risk-free to see for yourself how it’s the best way to process payments. Contact us today to see if it’s right for your business. 

If you end up deciding it’s not for you, no problem — we’ll simply revert you back to traditional credit card processing. We can still beat your old payment processing rates, providing you savings either way.

So no matter what you choose, you’ll end up ahead with PPS.

Save up to 100% on your Processing Fees with Progressive Payments Cash Discount Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

At this point in the transaction, the overwhelming majority of customers are already committed to the purchase. Of those few who do complain, they always have the option to pay by cash or check. This system is becoming more standard as the cost of accepting credit cards continues to go up, so many customers have already become accustomed to it.

The Durbin Amendment 2 (part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law) gives the final verdict on cash discount programs. This states that businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers as an incentive and to encourage customers to pay by alternative methods other than credit/debit cards. Such alternative methods include checks or cash in order to receive a discount, which is applied at the time of sale.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express forbid any business from surcharging without taking the necessary steps to get approved — which is an exceedingly-difficult process for a business to implement on their own. 

Our Cash Discount Program allows you to offer a discount for cash, which will be automated by our equipment to make sure it is done properly. Rather than illegally profiting off of a credit card transaction (which could happen if you end up charging a client more than you are charged by your processor to accept the transaction), the Cash Discount Program lets you rest easy knowing your payment system is fully on the side of the law.

The amount you will save by using the cash discount program usually covers any cancellation fee in just one month. So you’re actually missing out on savings by not using the Cash Discount Program, even if you’re still under contract.

We can customize the Cash Discount Program to fit your needs. So we can work with you on a case-by-case basis to split the processing fee with your clients if you feel the need to do so.

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