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Dejavoo QD4 Android Terminal Review

Zach Kramer holding Dejavoo QD4 terminal

Find out what the Dejavoo QD4’s best features are, why we love it, and who it’s designed for in our review of this sleek POS terminal.

“Less is more” might be what first comes to mind when you first see the Dejavoo QD4 Android POS terminal. 

After all, there’s no evidence of unnecessary features, peripherals, or anything else that seems needless or extravagant. Rather, a simple, clean, straightforward design meets the eye: a large screen with four big touchscreen buttons greets customers, along with a receipt printer at the top and a mag stripe/chip reader on the side. That’s it.

However, the QD4 is designed exactly how a POS should be: simple and easy to use, but with every feature you would likely want. Let’s take a closer look.

Dejavoo QD4 Features

Huge touchscreen display

With a huge 5.5” LCD screen that’s easy to see from any angle, your customers won’t need to put on their reading glasses to make their payment. And the screen works just as good as it looks, thanks to a capacitive touch-screen design that eliminates the need for any keypad buttons–or those pens that we all hate that never seem to come close to capturing our signature. 

Instead, it all happens on the screen: from beginning the payment process until the receipt is emailed to the customer (if that’s what they choose), the customer won’t need to search around for the right button or anything else to complete their purchase.

Ready for the next wave of security? Biometric capabilities are also available one the QD4 thanks to the optional 20x32mm capacitive fingerprint sensor that supports ANSI-378, ISO 19794-2, and ISO 19794-4 formats.

Android OS

Great proportions and a huge screen don’t mean much if the machine is a hassle to actually use. However, thanks to a simple, secure Android-based operating system, customers will find it a breeze to quickly go through the payment steps before heading out the door. 

Not only does the familiar, intuitive operating system make things easy, but the hardware powering it is more than up to the job of processing fast transactions, thanks to its Quad-Core 1.1GHz processor.

Versatile connectivity

The QD4 boasts ample wireless communication possibilities. Whether you prefer the wired USB to Ethernet connection, or you want to cut the cords with WiFi connectivity or Satellite USB 2.0, the QD4 makes connecting online easy.

Printing possibilities

Even though it has WiFi and receipt emailing capabilities, it still has a physical feature that many customers insist on having: a physical receipt printer. Thanks to a built-in, 50mm per second thermal printer and 50ft paper roll, you can easily go all day without stopping to reload.

Contactless payment acceptance

Last but certainly not least on our list of QD4 features is the wide array of payments that this POS machine accepts. 

As we talked about in our contactless credit card blog post, contactless payments are becoming more and more popular. The QD4 is ready to provide your business with whatever tech you need to accept these payments. 

It allows for NFC, and mobile wallet payments. So anyone looking to use Apple Pay, Mastercard Paypass, Visa PayWave, or ExpressPay can use this machine–along with a host of other forms of contactless payments.

It also still features the tried-and-true mag-stripe and chip card readers as well, with ISO 7815 and EMV Level 1 & 2 for most other types of credit card transactions.

Why we love the QD4

For the price, you can’t beat the value that the Dejavoo QD4 delivers. As we see touch screens in our cars, on our watches, and even our appliances, this touchscreen POS machine feels modern and high-tech–as much as other machines that are twice the price, in fact.

It’s fast, it’s clear, it’s easy to use, and it accepts the newest payment options like NFC and contactless credit cards–what’s not to love?

Is it right for your business?

With all of the features the Dejavoo QD4 offers, it’s still not perfect for everyone. For example, it isn’t a true wireless POS machine, so certain businesses such as some of those in the service industry may opt for something else. 

However, it does accept a surprisingly large amount of payment types and it’s very easy to use, so most businesses would be more than happy with the QD4 on their countertop.


The Dejavoo QD4 is quickly becoming one of Progressive Payment Solution’s most popular POS machines. Our clients love how modern it looks, how easy it is to use, and how many payment options it accepts, including contactless and NFC payments.

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