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Valor VL100 Tabletop Terminal Review

Valor VL100 Terminal Review

The Valor VL100 might just be the only terminal you’ll ever need. Find out why it’s so great and how it can even save you money.

Many times, life is about compromise: sacrificing something in one area to have a benefit in another. 

However, this isn’t always the case; sometimes a piece of equipment gives you everything you want and need without sacrificing hardly anything. The Valor VL100 does just that.

Find out why the VL100 is such a great countertop terminal by examining all that it offers your business.

Valor VL100 features

An incredible display 

These days, people have come to expect large displays. Everything from cars to fast food kiosks have large displays to help the user access information and provide input. And the Valor VL100 does not disappoint in this area.

That’s because the VL100 not only has a big, clear, 3.5” color TFT LCD display with  320 x 480 Pixels, but it also offers a ton of useful information in that display. 

Instead of it just being something pretty without much function, the VL100’s display offers the user a clear understanding to the customer by showing the entire transaction. That means customers can see the product amount, tax, tip, non-cash charge, and grand total–all on one screen.

Pair this with the already useful touchscreen features that enable signature captures, and you have one of the most useful displays in any small countertop terminal.

Standard keypad 

Even though the touch-screen display is incredibly useful, many still like the tactile response of physical keys. Fortunately, the VL100 also has a 16-button keypad that’s intuitively laid out to make payment confirmations and numerical input a breeze.

Paperless signature and receipt options

Another way the VL100 shines is what it saves the customer: time, hassle, and paper. That’s thanks to the paperless signature and receipt options.

As mentioned earlier, the touchscreen allows for customers to sign the screen, thus a paper copy of the signed receipt is no longer needed. 

On top of that, the receipt itself can be sent as either an SMS text receipt or emailed to the customer, allowing them to always have quick access to their transaction records.

Thermal printer

However, some need paper receipts. Not to worry: the 57 mm x 50 mm built-in thermal printer spits out receipts at a blazingly-fast 100mm/second, making for convenient receipts for those who need physical copies. 

Mobile size

Some might assume that with all of the useful features of the Valor VL100, it would have to be big and bulky. But they should think again: the VL100 strikes a balance between substance and portability with a length of 190mm (7.5”) x 78mm wide (3”) x 78 tall (3”). That makes it about the size of a large, thick smartphone. And at only 350 grams (.77 lbs), it is close to the same weight as well.

Mag card/Chip card friendly

Both magstripe and chip cards play well with the VL100. This is thanks to the ISO 7810, 7811, 7813 Triple Track, Bi-Directional magnetic stripe reader and the chip card port located below the keypad.


Not only are the dimensions mobile-friendly, but so is the optional power source: the Valor VL100 can sport a rechargeable Li-Polymer 7.4~8.2V battery packing 1150mAh, to provide ample, all-day energy.

Auto-connection failback procedure

Another unique feature designed to make your life easier is the auto-connection failback procedure. When the primary connection fails, VL100 is programmed to automatically switch to another connection. So if, for example, the ethernet connection fails, it will switch to Wi-Fi to reestablish the connection. Thus, the transaction goes through without anyone knowing there was a hiccup.

Is the Valor VL100 wireless?

Speaking of connection features, the VL100 has multiple ways to connect–including various wireless connections. There is, of course, an ethernet port. But as mentioned earlier, it also has WiFi capabilities along with a 4g capable model known as the VL110 GPRS. 

Does the Valor VL100 accept contactless payments?

Yes. And with good reason: the pandemic has fuelled a huge increase in contactless payments and mobile wallets. Not to be left behind, the VL100 accepts contactless payments. These forms of payments include digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, and MasterCard PayPass. 

Not only that, but the VL100 is also NFC capable and ready to accept contactless credit cards for fast, touch-free payments.

How secure is the VL100?

Business owners and consumers alike will be relieved to know that the VL100 boasts the latest in security standards, with PCI PTS 4.x certification, along with EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certification. 

(If you’re curious about the importance of PCI security standards, check out our article to help understand what PCI standards are and how to keep your business secure.)

Valor VL100 and zero-fee possibilities

Last but certainly not least is a feature that can save your business money each month: the tip feature. 

The VL100 features a zero fee program available on tips. What does that mean? Typically, if someone leaves a tip on any other terminal, the business has to pay the fee. But on the VL100, the customer pays the fee on the tip. 

So if your business receives a lot of tips per day (for example, in the food service industry), then going with the VL100 could save you potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees a month.


You’re getting so much without sacrificing hardly anything with the VL100. That’s because it has everything needed to be a great countertop terminal or as a mobile payment terminal. 

Among its shining features is a large touch-screen display that is more useful than most, a built-in printer, an array of connectivity options, contactless payment acceptance and an optional battery–all packaged in something that can easily fit in your hand. Not only that, but it can also save you money with the zero-fee program option on tips.

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