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What To Expect With Credit Card Payment Equipment Installation

Every single business who accepts credit car payments needs a way to do so via a payment processor. So whether you’re a major eCommerce business with a virtual terminal or you’re a small business with a desktop machine, you’ll need a payment processor to accept them. 

Progressive Payment Solutions helps our clients by providing and helping to install all of the equipment necessary to do so, including desktop terminals and virtual terminals.

Let us show you what to expect when it comes time to set up the equipment you need to accept credit card payments. 

What will take place during the equipment installation process?

Some payment processors are happy to take a business’ money while letting them figure everything out on their own. Not so with PPS. We do everything we can to help our clients hit the ground running as quickly and easily as possible when it comes to credit card payment equipment 

We’ll start with what will take place for a business who accepts in-person credit card payments.

In-person equipment installation

Regardless of where you’re located, you won’t have to set up the machine yourself. The PPS team will have your machine pre-programmed and tested, ready for your specific business. Even if you decide to go with a unique POS system, PPS will still want to be there to oversee the installation and make sure everything goes smoothly, securely, and safely.

To start, the equipment will arrive with the PPS technician. Setting it up usually only takes around twenty minutes, however the technician will likely spend around an hour to run tests, answer questions, solve any unique issues and to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

The technician will also be happy to train any and all staff that will be using the equipment, providing them the opportunity to try it for themselves to make sure there aren’t any issues or questions they have down the road.

Virtual terminal installation

If you accept credit cards over the phone or online, then you’ll need a virtual terminal. PPS requires every terminal to first go to their headquarters so that they can be fully tested and prepared to make sure it’s ready for the customer before it gets shipped to them. 

PPS then ships this equipment to businesses across the company. So can these remote locations still receive personal installation and instructional help? Absolutely. This personalized installation takes place via Zoom. That means the virtual terminal customer will need a computer (and not just a mobile device) to be able to receive the instruction from the PPS technician, along with potentially sharing their screen to help diagnose any issues.

During the hour-long virtual terminal installation Zoom meeting, the technician will invite the customer to first plug in the terminal. An ethernet connection is preferred for stable, fast connectivity, however a WiFi connection may be used as well. 

Once it’s connected to the internet, the technician will go through basic training using different online tools to facilitate transactions. They will also show the customer exactly what to do: how to process a basic sale, the difference between a return and a voided transaction, as well as how batching takes place with the terminal.

Once these simple instructions are followed, the technician will then have the customer run a few invoices to make sure everything is working correctly. They will also address any questions the customer has, such as how to add a tip, or how to receive personal support.

How can I be prepared for the equipment installation?

PPS does everything they can to make the installation process as easy and quick as possible to help busy businesses accept credit card payments as soon as possible. However, a few things will be needed from the customer:

  • A dedicated spot to place the equipment
  • An electrical outlet near the equipment
  • An ethernet cable to connect to the internet, if possible (WiFi may be used, but is slower and less stable than wired connections) 
  • A manager or facilitator of transactions on hand who is tech-savvy
  • A list of any questions, issues, or concerns regarding payments for the PPS technician can answer 

Do all payment processors do this?

Short answer: no. However, Progressive Payment Solutions isn’t like most payment processors, especially when it comes to customer support. We go to great lengths to make everything that has to do with accepting payments as easy and affordable as possible for your business.


Having your credit card equipment fully functioning and running smoothly is invaluable. It not only saves time and stress, but you’ll always be able to accept a payment. Progressive Payment Solutions goes to extra lengths to make sure everything is ready for your hour-long equipment installation so that your entire team is fully equipped to start accepting credit card payments.

Contact us today to get the equipment you need and the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry–not to mention customer service that can’t be beat.