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Credit Card Processing in
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Smart business owners in Morristown, NJ all have one thing in common: They take every advantage they can get.

One way they can do this is partnering with a credit card processing company that saves money while making running a business easier. That’s why many have teamed up with Progressive Payment Solutions to make accepting credit card payments a breeze.

PPS is a local credit card processor that provides industry-leading rates and unrivaled service. With PPS, clients receive personalized support, cutting-edge security, and decades of experience.

To top it off, they offer simple contracts with no hidden fees.

Team up today with Progressive Payment Solutions to get a local payment processor that will help move you forward.

What our customers are saying

Jonathan is extremely customer service oriented and always helps his clients with any issues that may arise. Unusual to most businesses he personally gets involved and makes sure things are resolved in a timely manner. He and his sons are a great resource to any business as well (as he trained them). Jonathan always tries to make quality introductions to his clients and treats everyone with integrity and respect.

Dan Pincus

Founder & CEO
World Golf Network

Progressive Payment Solutions has been a very trustworthy credit card processor for my company for many years. They have always been there when we needed them and have never had any issues working with them.

Jonathan Kramer will always make sure that your company is taken care of and I recommend them to anyone who needs a Credit Card Processor.

Harry Heitner

Valencia Imports / Rachel Shoes

GAIN Communications has been using Progressive Payment Solutions to process credit card payments for many years.  Their attention to detail and customer service is second to none.  I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.  When others fail Progressive Payment Solutions far exceeds our expectations.

Gary Katen

GAIN Communications, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a credit card processor do and why do you need them?

Morristown businesses use credit card processors to accept credit card payments. They assist the transfer of financial information from a payment to make sure everything takes place quickly and securely.

Credit card processors also help their clients meet security standards and supply their clients with best equipment for their needs, along with providing customer service to quickly solve any problems.

PPS’ Simple, 4 Step Process

1. Schedule a call with one of our experts.
2. Answer a few basic questions about your business such as how you are currently processing credit cards and how you want to process cards moving forward.
You also provide a few current monthly processing statements for evaluation to help us understand how we can help you the most.
3. From there, we select the best solution to meet your business’s needs.
4. After our session, you’ll receive an evaluation that shows exactly how much you will save each month on processing fees. If everything looks good to you, you’ll receive a contract to fill out.

How Cash Discounting works for Morristown NJ Businesses

Let’s use a basic example:

Say you sell a product with a price tag of $100. If the customer chooses to pay in cash, the total would be $100 for them.

If they pay with a credit card, however, you will enter $100 just like a normal transaction. The PPS gateway will automatically add 3.99% to that credit card transaction.

The customer’s receipt will display an extra line item: $3.99 non-cash charge (or NCC). This will be listed just below the invoice total of $100.

So the total will be $103.99 for your customer.

This federally-authorized system and technology incentivizes customers and clients to pay with cash. Using PPS’ Cash Discount Program empowers your business to finally eliminate any payment processing fees.

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