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Best Desktop Credit Card Machines of 2021

Best Desktop Credit Card Machines

Save yourself time and money by examining which credit card machines are the best for your business and why.

Sometimes too many options can be paralyzing. 

Whether sifting through 11 different brands of peanut butter at the grocery store or scrolling through all the shows and movies on your streaming service, we often face the same daunting question: Which one do I choose?

To help us with that, we have guides. Maybe it’s on a cooking blog to help us select the best ingredients, or a site like Rotten Tomatoes to help us choose the best entertainment.

That’s also why PPS is here: to help you with payment processing decisions. We’ve sifted through hundreds of credit card machines to narrow the list down to the three best ones to help you choose what’s right for you.

Best Budget Machine: Dejavoo Z8

Why it’s great

Bells and whistle features can be very exciting. They’re what can sell high-end cars, phones, and countless other items. 

Sometimes, though, all of these extra features are simply drowned out from too high a price, a lack of reliability, or how difficult it is to use. 

That’s when a simple, standard option that costs less is the best choice.

The Dejavoo Z8 is just such a machine: it provides every feature that most small and medium-sized businesses are looking for without breaking the bank. The vast majority of businesses will have all of their credit card payment needs satisfied with this solid, easy-to-use, reliable machine.

Who it’s great for

If your business is budget-focused, this is the machine for you. 

That’s because the Z8 has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Its magnetic stripe reader, built-in PIN pad, and NFC technology allows for both physical and contactless payments. This lets you accept virtually all major credit card payment forms: mag-stripe, chip card, smart card, and mobile wallet transactions such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.


  • Quickly process credit cards over a traditional phone line or Ethernet line with the Z8’s 32-bit 400MHz high-speed microprocessor. 
  • Easily download Linux software updates in seconds via the USB port. 
  • Print receipts fast with the Z8’s thermal printer.
  • Use built-in rewards and loyalty features to encourage returning customers.
  • Maintain the highest levels of security thanks to the Z8’s PCI and EMV full compliance.
  • Make transactions simple to carry out on the easy-to-use 2.4” color LCD screen .
  • Protect your customer’s sensitive information with the privacy shield that surrounds the built-in keypad.

Best All-Around Machine: Clover Flex

Why it’s great

If you find something the Clover Flex is lacking, please let us know—we simply can’t find a flaw. It does everything a credit card machine should do and more, and it does it all very well.

If you’re looking for an eye-pleasing countertop POS, the Flex is the right choice. Its clean, smooth exterior is free of clunky buttons or unsightly peripherals. Instead, it provides everything needed for a credit card payment transaction in an intuitive, simple way via an elegant, minimal design with a huge screen that does it all—signature, PIN pad, etc.

But it doesn’t just belong on the counter; rather, the Flex shows its flexibility by working just as well as a mobile POS. Thanks to an 11 hour battery and versatile software, you can use it for so much more than just accepting payments. It will happily allow you to view sales reports, track sales transactions, and even manage inventory.

Speaking of software, the Flex goes beyond smart. Instead of feeling like you’re using an app, it’s much more akin to using an entire mobile OS that’s custom built for processing transactions and managing payment features. For example, built-in apps go above and beyond, such as apps for inventory, customers, transactions, tips, cash logs—the list goes on. All of these purpose-built apps make managing your businesses easier.

Who it’s great for

Businesses who are ready to invest in equipment that can grow with them as they level up should go with the Clover Flex.

That’s because its wide array of features allows them to do it all: it functions just as well at the cashier register as it does being run out to the customer (it also has an easy tip feature available which works great for service industries). 

Along with its mobility, the flex lets businesses simplify customer management, inventory, transactions, and so much more by pushing the boundaries beyond what a traditional credit card machine could do. 


  • Fully integrate with Clover Station and Clover Mini for a complete, synchronized POS system.
  • Create inventory categories, items, stock, costs, and modifications.
  • Choose between fixed-price, per-unit, or variable pricing.
  • Intuitively and flexibly include tax and tips for businesses that are on the move or are service-oriented.
  • Keep track of employee timekeeping and payroll, along with a restricted login feature that minimizes what employees can access.
  • Record customer details like name, contact info, and even their birthday for use with promotions.
  • Quickly print receipts with the built-in receipt printer, or go paperless with paperless receipt capabilities.
  • Accept nearly any form of credit card payment (swipe, chip, tap, mobile, etc) all on the go with WiFi and LTE connectivity.

Best Lightweight Mobile Machine: Pax A80

Why it’s great

Sometimes people are under the impression that a feature-rich device has to be big and clunky, while a lightweight machine will lack the usefulness they need.

But the Pax A80 proves a business can have their cake and eat it too.

A huge, 4” full-color touchscreen display makes the A80 a great choice for easy-to-use credit card transactions.

Thanks to a lightweight, smartphone-like design, the A80 works just as great on the go as it does on the counter. And with a simple, Android-based OS, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Who it’s great for

If your business is one that’s always moving, this is the choice for you.

Restaurants, retail, and other businesses that need to be mobile should look to the A80. 

Not only does it process all types of credit cards—mag stripe, chip, NFC, QR, mobile, and more—but it also prints receipts thanks to its high-speed built-in printer. 


  • Reduce arm and hand fatigue with the A80’s 13 ounce weight.
  • Easily maintain grasp all day with an ergonomic, balanced design.
  • Process credit card transactions wirelessly with dialup, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4g/3g capabilities.
  • Easily enter information with a physical keypad.
  • Maintain the strictest security with full PCI compliance and full encryption.
  • Process payments at lightning speed thanks to a Cortex A53 processor and smooth Android 6.0 OS.
  • Choose between black or white to match your company’s branding.


Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some need only minimal credit card processing capabilities, while others benefit from a full range of processing features.

Thankfully, one of the three machines mentioned above will provide a great fit for the vast majority of businesses. Each machine shines in their unique way, allowing any business to successfully process credit cards while minimizing problems.

Curious how else PPS can help you make the right payment processing decisions? Find out more by checking out our blog. And if you’re shopping around for a system that can reduce or even eliminate your credit card processing fees, we can help with our Cash Discount Program. Check it out today to see if it’s what you’ve been missing for your business.