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Cut Thousands Off Of Your Credit Card Processing Bill Each Month For Your Wayne, NJ Business

Paying less on credit card processing fees for your Wayne, NJ business is simple when you team up with Progressive Payment Solutions.

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Team up with PPS to get the payment processing you deserve from a local NJ processing company.

Here’s what separates us from the rest:

  • We’ll help you eliminate 100% of your credit card processing fees with our Zero Fee Processing (also known as Cash Discounting), letting you pass all processing fees to another party
  • Never pay hidden fees again thanks to the PPS transparent fee policy
  • PPS offers the guaranteed lowest credit card processing rates

What else does partnering with PPS mean for your Wayne, NJ Business?

  • Local customer service to quickly solve all of your problems
  • On-site product/equipment setup and service
  • Decades of industry insights to help your business make the best payment-related decisions
  • Personal attention from a family-owned business
  • In-person help and troubleshooting for any financial security/hardware issues

Make payment problems a thing of the past. Partner with PPS for the lowest processing rates and unparalleled service.

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What our customers are saying

Jonathan is extremely customer service oriented and always helps his clients with any issues that may arise. Unusual to most businesses he personally gets involved and makes sure things are resolved in a timely manner. He and his sons are a great resource to any business as well (as he trained them). Jonathan always tries to make quality introductions to his clients and treats everyone with integrity and respect.

Dan Pincus

Founder & CEO
World Golf Network

Progressive Payment Solutions has been a very trustworthy credit card processor for my company for many years. They have always been there when we needed them and have never had any issues working with them.

Jonathan Kramer will always make sure that your company is taken care of and I recommend them to anyone who needs a Credit Card Processor.

Harry Heitner

Valencia Imports / Rachel Shoes

GAIN Communications has been using Progressive Payment Solutions to process credit card payments for many years.  Their attention to detail and customer service is second to none.  I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.  When others fail Progressive Payment Solutions far exceeds our expectations.

Gary Katen

GAIN Communications, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a credit card processor do?

All Wayne, NJ businesses need their credit card payments handled quickly and securely by a credit card processor.

Credit card processors guide the secure transfer of credit card information while also ensuring everything gets transferred between all of the parties involved such as the banks, credit card associations, etc.

PPS does all of this and more:

We help businesses meet PCI security standards, choose the right credit card payment equipment, and even go to physical locations to install the equipment. Not only that, but we also quickly solve any processing issues or problems. Why?

Because we take credit card processing seriously. We don’t rest until all of your payment-related issues are solved.

Ready to get started? You’ll be surprised by how easy we make it:

Our Easy 4-Step PPS Process

1. Schedule a call with a PPS customer agent.
2. Answer a few simple questions surrounding your business (for example: how you currently process credit cards, what changes you would like, etc)
3. Provide us with a few current monthly processing statements that will show us how we’ll save you the most money and alleviate any problems you’ve been experiencing.
From there, PPS uses these insights to choose the best payment solution for your business needs. We’ll send you a custom evaluation that shows exactly how much you will save each month on processing fees.
4. Finally, you fill out a simple contract.

That’s it!

The whole process often takes you 30 minutes or less, but can mean saving you thousands of dollars each month.

How else can you save with PPS?

Simple: With a new system that eliminates your payment processing costs called Cash Discounting.

Here’s How Cash Discounting Works With Your Wayne, NJ Business

Discover how you can completely eliminate your payment processing fees using Cash Discounting with this simple example:

Example: Your customer wants to buy something that costs $100.

  • If the customer chooses to pay in cash, the total will be $100.
  • If they pay with a credit card, you enter $100 just like any other transaction.

From there, the PPS gateway authorizes 3.99% added to the credit card transaction total (to cover your cost of processing the credit card).

The customer’s receipt simply lists an extra line item below the invoice total of $100. This line item reads “$3.99 non-cash charge (or NCC)”.

The total will be $103.99 for your customer who paid with their credit card.

Cash discounting is a federally-authorized system that is approved in all 50 states. You may have already seen it working at gas stations, restaurants, or other businesses.

Put simply: it motivates customers to pay with cash, or else they pay all of the processing fees.

Eliminate your payment processing fees with Cash Discounting.

Get started today with a free consulting call to answer your questions.

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